Mikrotik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)  


Training Course enables you to configure, manage, do troubleshooting of a MikroTik router and provide basic services.
Course appeals to Network administrators, integrators, managers, IT consultants and other technical users who need a good introduction or expand their knowledge to using MikroTik RouterOS for their routing, firewall, hotspot or wireless projects.
This certification is becoming more and more of a requirement when doing installations for large companies.

Why should you attend?

The MTCNA (Mikrotik Certified Network Associate) training course will provide you with the skills to configure a MikroTik RouterOS Routerboard as a dedicated router, a bandwidth manager, a secure firewall appliance, a simple wireless access point, a VPN Server or Client or an Internet Hotspot concentrator etc. It is a course that covers the basics for those that are new to MikroTik RouterOS (or are struggling to understand it!) and concentrate on the basics of setting up a MikroTik device.

What you will learn in the training

Outcomes: By the end of this training session, the student will be familiar with RouterOS software and RouterBOARD products and be able to connect the client to the Internet. He will also be able to configure, manage, do basic troubleshooting of a MikroTik router and provide basic services to clients.

Who should attend?

MTCNA – Mikrotik Certified Network Associate – Resources:

Course Includes: