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Antenna JRMB – 900 – 10/11 is designed for microwave links at the frequency bands 10 and 11 GHz.
It has deep reflector dish and massive bracket which allows precise adjustment in both directions.
Whole antenna system with bracket JDMW-900 has extreme wind stability.

Works with Mimosa B11

  • Jirous professional microwave antenna
  • deep reflector dish with great resistance to interference and high mechanical strength
  • high neighboring links isolation
  • radome included
  • massive bracket with accurate elevation and azimuth setting
  • right and left side mounting
  • strong wind stability
  • Frequency range 10.1 - 11.7 GHz
  • Gain 10.1 GHz 37.0 dBi
  • Gain 11.7 GHz 37.5 dBi